Application for Candidature

Plurals believes in equality of political opportunity. It completely stands against clientelism, corruption and patronage. It is a platform of collective action thus people of Bihar from all spheres, of all identities who believe in the ideology of Plurals are eligible to apply for the candidature from their respective constituencies. You will be given a fair and equal chance and the Plurals Poll Committee will evaluate your application and vet your CV with utmost sincerity. The non-negotiable qualities that Plurals seeks in a candidate is complete commitment to duty, impeccable work ethics and dedication to party ideals.

If you believe that every individual is equally important and an end in themselves, if you believe that the hardworking people of Bihar deserve better, if you believe that Bihar has immense possibilities and is as capable as any other state in India, if you believe that policies and programmes that guarantee a better quality of life to people should be the sole purpose of politics, policies and governance and if you believe you have what it takes to be a Plural then apply here.

[To be considered for the candidature, you need to fill a brief form and also required to submit two documents. First, a statement of purpose (SOP) of not more than 1000 words enumerating your educational and professional background, commitment towards society, consistency with Plurals’ ideology and strategy for winning the election from the chosen assembly seat. Second, you are also required to submit an updated CV (Bio-data) with your latest photograph. If committee finds your application eligible for consideration then you will be invited for an interview. However, during the process or in case you are not invited, please don’t send mails or make phone calls.]