[Refer Constitution of Plurals, Article 4.8]

The State Headquarter and National Headquarter shall have a 12-member Plurals Political Council constituted by the president under the chairmanship of General Secretary. The selection of 12-members shall be done by the President by preferably adopting the formula of 6 from Political Structure and 6 from Executive Secretarial Structure. Plurals Political Council shall advise and assist the President and the General Secretary on all political issues and also in overseeing the work of all Senates, Syndicates, teams, committees etc within the party.

The ex-officio members of the National and State-level Plurals Political Councils are:

  1. General Secretary (Chairman)

  2. Syndicate Member (Administration)

  3. Syndicate Member (Communications)

  4. Syndicate Member (Membership)

  5. Syndicate Member (Logistics)

  6. Syndicate Member (Advisory)

  7. Secretary (Administration)

  8. Secretary (Communications)

  9. Secretary (Membership)

  10. Secretary (Logistics)

  11. Secretary (Advisory)

  12. Chief Spokesperson

  13. Treasurer