“Participate actively to control politics, else it will continue to control you.”

- Pushpam Priya Choudhary

How to start a political career and become a successful politician when there is no political family background, no money and no muscle-power? The three ingredients that are not inherent to politics, but sadly define politics in India today. Paradox indeed! However, the upside to this unfortunate reality is that it is good that you lack these three as they lead to democratic recession and underdevelopment- evident in Bihar’s context. To become a successful politician what you require is good intent, sound strategy and a quality political platform. Many people may have good intent but they remain a non-starter because of the absence of the latter two. Plurals is here to help you — well intentioned aspiring reformers, with both.

Here is an opportunity to give back to your society. Bihar Panchayat Election is scheduled to be conducted in the coming months of 2021. To serve people and to realise your political ambition, start your political career from the grassroots. Become a Mukhiya and work for society with real power to transform rural landscapes to assist people with a better quality of living. Under the Constitution of India, a Gram Panchayat, headed by Mukhiya, is granted substantial power opportunity to serve people. Under Article 243G of the Constitution of India, power and responsibility of a Gram Panchayat are defined as below:

243G. Powers, authority and responsibilities of Panchayats:

Subject to the provisions of this Constitution, the Legislature of a State may, by law, endow the Panchayats with such powers and authority as may be necessary to enable them to function as institutions of self-government and such law may contain provisions for the devolution of powers and responsibilities upon Panchayats at the appropriate level, subject to such conditions as may be specified therein, with respect to-

(a) the preparation of plans for economic development and social justice;

(b) the implementation of schemes for economic development and social justice as may be entrusted to them including those in relation to the matters listed in the Eleventh Schedule.

(Article 243G)

1. Agriculture, including agricultural extension.

2. Land improvement, implementation of land reforms, land consolidation and soil conservation.

3. Minor irrigation, water management and watershed development.

4. Animal husbandry, dairying and poultry.

5. Fisheries.

6. Social forestry and farm forestry.

7. Minor forest produce.

8. Small scale industries, including food processing industries.

9. Khadi, village and cottage industries.

10. Rural housing.

11. Drinking water.

12. Fuel and fodder.

13. Roads, culverts, bridges, ferries, waterways and other means of communication.

14. Rural electrification, including distribution of electricity.

15. Non-conventional energy sources.

16. Poverty alleviation programme.

17. Education, including primary and secondary schools.

18. Technical training and vocational education.

19. Adult and non-formal education.

20. Libraries.

21. Cultural activities.

22. Markets and fairs.

23. Health and sanitation, including hospitals, primary health centres and dispensaries.

24. Family welfare.

25. Women and child development.

26. Social welfare, including welfare of the handicapped and mentally retarded.

27. Welfare of the weaker sections, and in particular, of the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes.

28. Public distribution system.

29. Maintenance of community assets."

Plurals intends not only to help you in starting your political career but also stand by you throughout your tenure as Mukhiya once you win the election. Plurals will give you a working strategy and ideological platform which will ensure that you establish your political image as a true and efficient politician.

The Plurals Party believes in equality of political opportunity. It completely stands against clientelism, corruption and hereditary politics. It is a platform of collective action and thus people of Bihar from all spheres, of all identities who believe in the ideology of Plurals are eligible to apply for the candidature from their respective panchayats. You will be given a fair and equal selection and the Plurals Poll Committee will evaluate your application and vet your CV with utmost sincerity. The non-negotiable qualities that The Plurals Party seeks in a candidate is complete commitment to duty, impeccable work ethics and dedication to party ideals.

Hence, if you believe that every individual is equally important and an end in themselves, if you believe that the hardworking people of Bihar deserve better, if you believe that Bihar has immense possibilities and is as capable as any other state in India, if you believe that policies and programmes that guarantee a better quality of life to people should be the sole purpose of politics, policies and governance and if you believe you have what it takes to be a Plural then apply here.

[To be considered for the candidature, you need to fill a brief form and also required to submit two documents. First, a statement of purpose (SOP) in 1000 words enumerating your educational and professional background, commitment towards society, consistency with Plurals’ ideology and strategy for winning the election. Secondly, you are also required to submit an updated CV (Bio-data) with your latest photograph. If the committee finds your application eligible for consideration then you will be invited for a short interview. During the process or in case you are not invited, kindly refrain from sending texts, mails and phone calls as the decision by the committee is rigorous and fair, and thus shall be considered the last. Under normal circumstances the decision shall not be altered. However, there will be plenty of opportunities of political participation in future and we encourage and welcome your applications.]